WPC Profile

The extruded profiles type WPC are used for exterior design and give the wood superior resistance to humidity, temperature and UV radiations, in a temperate climate. The compound used is composed of wood flour, polymer waste, processing and coloring additives, weatherproof, UV, molds, insects, low or high temperatures. Upon request, the material can be fireproof, flame resistance rising several times compared to treated wood. WPC extrusion profiles do not have to be protected by painting or lacquering and are resistant to weathering at least 1 year. WPC extruded profiles for external applications are shaped in cell plates with 2 mounting surfaces that show anti-slip corrugations. The section of such extruded profiles is rectangular, with symmetrical lateral releases that allow fastening in clips on the supporting rail. The WPC profiles fall into the category of anti-slip products, R11-R12 class, authorized for the use in the public spaces as: facilities and terraces around the pools, outer bridges, stairs, entrances to the shops, etc.). The WPC extruded profiles are cut at the standard length of 3 m and upon request, at any length requested by yhe beneficiary and can be produced in the standard colors of the producer’s range. The colors in the catalogs are not contractual, these may vary depending on the color of the raw materials used, the superficial roughning depth of the surface by brushing and the mounting direction. In the first 2-6 monts since assembly, according to the degree of light exposure, exterior humidity, the difference of day-night temperature, the extrusion profile will lighten due to solar radiation before reaching the final stable color. This is a natural phenomenon, it does not show a manufacturing defect and it is due to the lignin in the wood flour.


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